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"The Team Development module included individuals from departments that work closely with ours to service our customers. Prior to the training, we were all functioning as individual “pods” within the company, with our own goals and marching orders. We are now functioning as one unit, and communicating to sort out any bugs in our system and achieve our goals as a company. Our facilitator, Scott Kress, ensured the training met our needs through his thorough pre training preparation and after training support."
Monica Stoer, General Manager, Sales and service, EHC Global

Team Building Programs and Services

Frontier Team Building is an industry trail blazer in leading teams to new frontiers of effectiveness. Come to us for fast-paced and fun team building programs aimed at fostering effective team relationships, adding energy to your meeting or conference, and providing a unique opportunity to develop the team skills that are critical for success. We will work with you to develop a solution that is the perfect fit for your team and delivered at a venue of your choice anywhere in the world.

We are Canada's Team Building Specialists ... All work! All play!

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Searching for a model of brilliant teamwork in action? Look no further than the kitchen of a great restaurant. You will practice communication, prioritizing, adaptability and improvisation in this unique culinary adventure that mixes one part “Iron Chef” with one part “Amazing Race”.



At 8850m Everest is the tallest mountain on earth and one of the most sought after mountaineering goals. Your team will embark on a simulated ascent of this extraordinary mountain, creating true synergy as you deal with challenge and make critical decisions that lead to success.



Now you can experience the fun of wine-tasting and build your team at the same time in this competitive event. Following a brief wine appreciation seminar, teams must succeed in a series of 'spirited' challenges, including the application of their new-found knowledge, to solve the mystery.



This thrilling high ropes experience will literally take your team to new heights of trust, mutual support, leadership and collaboration. No experience is necessary and there is a role for everyone regardless of fitness level. Unforgettable and life-changing. Available only at select facilities.



Creativity could be your next great competitive edge as your team produces a series of artistic masterpieces in which all group members contribute their own unique ideas, concepts and brushstrokes. Members gain appreciation for the diverse perspectives that come to life within your team.



Teams that are not satisfied with the status quo must learn to OUTWIT, OUTPLAY and OUTLAST the competition. SURVIVE-OR-THRIVE is an energetic, competitive, and insightful experience that will identify the key team skills necessary to thrive, while building relationships and morale.

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Deep in the Canadian wilderness, a team of scientists sets out to locate a rare flower and vanishes without a trace. Your world-famous team is summoned for this challenging search-and-rescue mission in which you'll apply your freshly aquired skills in GPS navigation, high-angle recue and more!




Transforming a great idea into a feature film is said to be the magic of Hollywood. This team building adventure will have your group applying the skills needed for producing this magic through their “feature film” made up of digital photographs, narration and special effects.



This philanthropic adventure race combines compass and GPS navigation with problem solving and interactive team initiatives to raise funds for an entrepreneur in a developing country. Teams will be energized by competition while working towards a common goal. Choose urban or rural environments!



One indicator of an organization’s success is its impact on the community. Through a series of competitive challenges, teams will have fun, learn about themselves and assemble elements of a prosthetic leg destined for one of our global neighbours in Kenya.



You'll tap into the power of healthy communication by examining the necessary elements that make it happen. Insights are brought to life when geographically separated teams must collaborate to construct two halves of a freestanding bridge that, once connected, must support a heavy load.



Teams participate in a series of engaging activities to earn the equipment and materials required to assemble and race a model car, while they explore the skills needed to assemble a truly high performing team. The toys, when completed, are donated to a local children's charity.



The Ice Cream Making Challenge is a fun-filled, competitive workshop that combines the knowledge gained from various expert workshops with the unique experiential facilitation of Frontier Team Building to produce an unforgettable and delicious teambuilding adventure.

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