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Scott Kress is an accomplished mountaineer, MBA Professor, Keynote Speaker and President of both Summit Training and Frontier Team Building. Scott and his team share their insights on leadership and teamwork on this blog.

Leadership "Big 8": Building Teams

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According to Korn/Ferry Lominger, the ability to build effective teams is a critical leadership competency. It has been proven time and time again that effective teams get more done and make better decisions than individuals working in isolation. It has also been proven that, just because you put a group of high performing individuals together, you are not guaranteed a high performing team.

Building an effective team is, once again, largely the job of the leader in the sense that he or she initiates, drives and monitors the process. Done well, this is a very deliberate and conscious process that involves:

  1. Creating a vision of what high performance will look like
  2. Creating an action plan to get there
  3. Periodically reflecting to gage success, and
  4. Making adjustments where necessary.

Since engagement and commitment of all members are fundamental prerequisites of good team work, the leader must seek to involve the team in all of the above steps. A leader who does this, connects to the powerful drivers of personal values, sense of purpose and autonomy.

As a leader, you can:

  • Create and share your vision
  • Know what inspires and motivates the team and each individual
  • Promote innovation and creativity
  • Make sure you understand each individual and their personal needs
  • Move management and rewards from individual to team-based
  • Build a strong foundation and positive relationships through team building activities
  • Provide training for essential team skills such as communications, conflict management, change management, trust, time management, etc.
  • Understand and leverage the diversity of personal styles in your team, and help team members appreciate their differences
  • Engage a team coach
  • Remove barriers to success

Give us a call to talk about building the performance of your team. We run sessions to teach leaders how to develop their teams, and to help people understand how to consciously develop themselves into high performing teams.

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