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Scott Kress is an accomplished mountaineer, MBA Professor, Keynote Speaker and President of both Summit Training and Frontier Team Building. Scott and his team share their insights on leadership and teamwork on this blog.

The "Big 8": Strategic Agility

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The sixth critical leadership competency identified by Korn/Ferry Lominger is ‘Strategic Agility’. Strategic agility is the ability to look into the future and to select the right strategy to lead to your long term personal, team or organizational success.

If you want to have a great future, you need to plan for a great future. Start by making time for strategic planning. Take it seriously. It is not just about extending your 3 year plan to 5 years along the same trajectory. The world is changing at an alarming pace. You need to respond thoughtfully and creatively in step with or, ideally, ahead of the changes.

To do this, bring together key people from across your organization for a strategic planning initiative. Perhaps launch it with a retreat lasting a few days. Remember, this is about creating and driving change. Don’t just focus on current issues, but look to the future. Re-visit your enduring mission and your core values. Create a compelling vision of where you want to be in 3 to 5 years. Use tools such as a ‘SWOT’ or ‘force field’ analysis to better understand the current realities and trends in your environment. Identify your strategic priorities – your best bets – that will lead to your vision. Alternate between creative processes that will generate lots of new ideas, and critical processes that will narrow down the options, leaving only the best. Then identify actions that will lead to your ideal future. Create enough detail in your strategic document that it provides clear direction for the annual or quarterly departmental work plans that flow from it. If it lacks detailed actions, timelines and ‘champions’, it will not be implemented once you get back to the office.

Our strategic planning retreats help you develop direction and create a plan. Do not leave this to chance.

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