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Scott Kress is an accomplished mountaineer, MBA Professor, Keynote Speaker and President of both Summit Training and Frontier Team Building. Scott and his team share their insights on leadership and teamwork on this blog.

Traits of Great Leaders

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What is it that separates a good leader from a great leader? This question has long been asked with no clear answer emerging. However, recent research by Korn/Ferry Lominger has indicated that there are very specific competencies that leaders must have. These have been called THE BIG 8 and include: Dealing with Ambiguity; Creativity; Innovation Management; Motivating Others; Planning; Strategic Agility; Building Effective Teams; and Managing Vision and Purpose.

A recent study revealed that 90% of all managers think they are in the top 10% of performers in their organization. However, further research has indicated that only 12% of executives are competent in 4 or more of the Big 8.

Obviously strengthening these competencies is essential to the overall success of your business. Through the use of the Voices 360, we can help each leader identify which areas they need to focus on most and, through the Development Tracker, we can help them create, implement, and assess their development.

In future blogs, I will discuss each of the Big 8 in turn.

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